Digitized medieval tower

Vatheia village in ManiMani peninsula is often referred as Tuscany of Greece, because of the rather similar landscape and architecture. The tower is located in Mani peninsula of Peloponnese, in Areopoli medieval town. Areopoli is on of the most charming towns of Mani area, and for the Greek standards is rather well preserved.

This project started because of the need of the owner to legalize the “middle” floor of the tower that was added illegally back on 1986 when the tower was initially renovated. So we packed our equipment and headed towards Areopoli town. After a day trip from Paros we arrived at Areopoli, the first day was lost because of the trip and the heat of July.

Areopoli tower house

For the completion of the project, there was the need for a detailed survey of the building and the plot. For this reason, we used a geodetic total station and a precise GPS receiver for acquiring Greek coordinates for the geolocation of the project. After a couple of days, we finished the survey and we were ready to return to Paros and advance to the next phase of the project. The second base of the project was the creation of the 3D model. This was achieved with the use of the highly acclaimed architectural software of Archicad. Archicad allowed us to create a detailed and accurate 3D model of the tower, from which afterwards we were able to create automatically all the necessary  2D documentation for the completion of the legalisation procedure. Below you can see some pictures of the 3D model of the tower as we “see” it directly inside Archicad software and also the finished 2D documentation.

Areopoli tower houseTower courtyard 3D section 1 Continue reading

a 16th century monastery

An old project brought back to life. A 16th century byzantine monastery restoration. After a detailed survey of the building and a the use of 3D architectural software we developed accurate drawings and 3D views of the existing condition of the monastery.

Monastery 3D view 1
Monastery 3D view 2
Monastery 3D view 3
Monastery 3D view 4
Monastery 3D view 5